Day 1, Golden Circle – Part 1 : Thingvellir

We started our trek with the Golden Circle, the 3 most popular places of Iceland which are the Thingvellir, Gullfoss waterfall, and the famous geyser of Geysir (where the name came from). All in one day, perhaps in a run, but to quickly escape from the tourist path and go a little more into the wild.



This is the first landscape you will see when arrived at Thingvellir. For me it was also the first thing I see of this country after jumping outside from my plane. Wow. The weather is not really hot, about 10-15°, the sky is grey, it seems it threw some puddles on the landscape.

For the story, the Thingvellir, or Parlement plains, is the place where the parlement was founded in 930 (one of the oldest in the world) by the vikings just arrived on the island.


Oh yes, just a little thing. When someone told you “one the most tourist spot of Iceland”, you imagine probably that you gonna find as much of people as in the front of the Eiffel Tower. Nope ! And this is THE good surprise of Iceland, there is never a lot of people, except in the blue lagoon perhaps. You always feel like alone in the world, and this is great. But how many time we left before the mass tourism ? I think the weather will always repel a lot of people, and it is good. Because this sensation of loneliness, it is the best feeling when visiting this country.


Imagine this plain with all the village chief, their men, coming the same day for create the island’s laws, to sue the criminal, and parley during days and days. It was the 11th century’s G20.




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