How to survive leeches

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I am trying to catch up with the french version of the blog, so let’s start with a very important poin : “How to survive leeches during rainy season”. Because if outside rainy season, forest in Thailand are safe, during… It’s basically raining leeches. And hiking can look totally different because of it…

I have phobia of leeches. I can tell I have been looking for all the possible ways to get rid of them and protect myself. Let’s start with some tips to avoid them : 
- Get leeches socks. Not really fashionable, but really effective to avoid them getting in your shoes and then normal socks.
- Long sleeves. Of course, it’s a minimum.
- Put some balm or repellent on your skin, they don’t appreciate it.


The enemy

If you get bitten despite all of this, forget about the traditionnal method as “Put some salt on it” “burn it”… It will make the leech spit everything out in your blood… With a risk of infections and other parasites. So, you will have to be brave and to use or your nail, or a knife to get rid of the seal of its mouth… The weakpoint is the mouth, so you carefully slide the knife between the mouth and your skin…

Then, put some honey on it to help with cicatrisation and avoid scratching it!


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