Bangkok – The Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha

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Back to Bangkok to visit a must for Thai capital, the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew which houses the famous Emerald Buddha.
The entrance to the site is 400 BHT, this is probably the most expensive site access. The entry fee includes access to the Palace Museum, which was under construction during my visit with little to show…

j-Grand palais

The Wat Phra Kaew

It is in 1782 that the site is constructed, when the city of angels became the capital. It covers almost 95 hectares and accounts a hundred buildings, so as you can guess, there is a lot to see. The Grand Palace is now used for important ceremonies by the king.

j-Grand palais


The first stop is the Emerald Buddha, whose photos are prohibited. Every season the king or Prince change clothes of the Buddha, and you can see the other outfits in the museum. Then you can wander around the rest of the site that has a lot to show.

j-Grand palais

A small rituel before entering the temple of Emerald Buddha

Beware of people around the site telling you that it’s closed and wish to take you elsewhere, this is often a scam. However, after 15h30, there is indeed closed doors.

j-Grand palais

Chinese inspirations

It is a Buddhist site, so I remind you the good behavior :
- Pants and shoulders covered
- In the halls, sit, feet directed to the OPPOSITE of Buddha images.
- Your head should be located lower than monk’s.

Taxi boat to Tha Chang stop.




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