Doi Phu Muen: my best traveler’s experience

For today, I’ll tell you about one of my best experiences in Thailand … For work again, and the launch of a new product, I travelled in northern Thailand for a hike like no other …

From Chiang Mai, I go to Fang for a lunch stop at the hotel Phumanee Lahu Homestay. There, I discovered Lahu culture through a mini-exhibition and discover the history of this particular village, which is very touching … “Phu Muen” is the grandfather of the current Lahu leader, who took up arms to defend Thailand against the Burmese attacks. It’s him who will give his name to the small hill on which lies the village, which is part of Doi Pha Hom Pok, second highest mountain in Thailand.
His step-son will fight against drug trafficking and with the support and assistance of the King, trying to stop cultivation of opium in favour of the cultivation of tea or coffee. He was assassinated, leaving behind a family and an eldest son who will take his place, still young. He will be victim of an assassination attempt (yes, to stop growing opium annoys a lot of people) … He is now trying to bring tourists in order to provide more income to the village…


The Lahu leader of Doi Phu Muen

Then we went to our starting point. Armed with a raincoat on a bumpy road, we arrive at the start of a hiking trail nobody used for many time … To accompany us, we were fortunate to be guided by the Lahu leader himself and his younger sister, who takes care of the Phumanee Homestay in Fang.

The path is sporty… Guides are very nice, despite the language barrier, and they shared a lot with us … Being sick, one of them gave me a very effective remedy: young tea leaves, far more effective than Smecta. Many laughs and wonderful landscapes, despite the rain.

About faunas, the rainy season brings the only downside of this trip: leeches, my sworn enemies. But thanks to anti-leech socks, long sleeves, none could drink my blood. Flora level, you should be wary of some plants are highly toxic to the touch but also find nice orchids all around…


Anti-leech equipment

In the evening, after setting up the camp, cooking traditional Lahu’s recipes over a wood fire made by our guests: a treat. In addition, the guides had gathered along different leaves we ate and surprise, loved …


A meal like no other

We climbed to the summit of Doi Pha Hom Pok where the clouds disperse gradually, before returning to the village.


Clouds going away

The village has a homestay, supplied with electricity by windmill, and you can help villagers picking tea and discover their way of life ….


The tea

This experience has been rich in discovery and contact with people humble, open, incredibly kind, left me memories for a long time … Unfortunately, words are not enough to describe the feeling, but I urge everyone to live it!


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