Trip to North-East: hiking

Hello everyone!

I’ll talk a little about hiking in the Northeast, with two parks.

The first is the Phu Pha Lom Forest Park, with mountains, caves and springs … An attractive place, formerly used by Buddhist monks for meditation retreats. There are still some traces of it, as the pipes to bring water, which will soon be removed to give space to nature.

Phu Pa Lom

Phu Pha Lom Forest Park

There are several ways but it is better to go with a ranger otherwise you will get lose very quickly, the roads are not marked.He will also show you all kinds of plants and will explain the virtues and disadvantages of them. It is  24 km away from the city of Loei.

Phu Pa Lom

Overview of Phu Pha Lom

The second is not really a park, but rather a point of view to be reached by climbing a lot. It is called Phu Bor Bid, located 2 km from the city of Loei and has a height of 610 meters above sea level.

Phu Bor Bid

Mud stairs

You have to climb 800 meters of stairs with only support a bamboo ramp not really strong. To climb may be difficult but you will find throughout the local amulets to protect yourself and add to the magical atmosphere of the place …

Phu Bor Bid

Charms on your way

Above, it is said that there is the footprint of the Buddha and the planes can not pass over, because the ground is too ferruginous and all equipments stop working.
We were there for the sunset, and fortunately equipped with flashlights for the descent. The light was fabulous.

Phu Bor Bid

A wonderful light

I recommend to go during day time as it can be dangerous, or  accompanied by a ranger.


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