Bangkok – Siam Niramit

Hello to all at the end of July! End of July also means nearing the end of my internship, soon the holidays …

Today, I will talk about Siam Niramit, a Thai blockbuster on the biggest stage of the world … Siam Niramit is a show about the history and legends of Thailand.


Siam Niramit

You will be greeted by Thai in traditional sarong, who will take a picture of you and offers you a small pin with a fresh orchid above. Then we headed for the ticket.

The ticket is 1500 or 1850 BHT BHT with a dinner buffet. The buffet is from 17h to 20h, and is varied and pretty good quality for a tourist thing.

If you come early, you can walk in a traditional Thai village reconstruction, eating traditional desserts for free, prepared before your eyes. It’s pretty nice, the kids love it.


Shadow puppets

Alternatively, you can give food or take a ride on the elephants …
The recipe is clearly to attract tourists, to sell dispensable services after wandering in expensive shops. As a bonus, you will find a stand with photos taken at the beginning for 300 BHT photo. Useless.
As you can guess, except for the village, I started with a very bad feeling.


Feeding elephants

Then, at 20:00, after a “pre-show” dance in the courtyard, made with lady boy in female roles (positive for my taste), we come to the show ..



And there … it was a blast. They made it big : there is a river on stage, costumes and sets are superb. Even if the explanations of the voiceover sometimes spoil sense of wonder, I loved it.I became a chid again with wide open eyes. The public is also invited to participate, so little advice, ask for seats on the sides of the rows ….

The show is done in several scenes: the first part of history, with the kingdoms of Lanna, Ayutthaya, including the history of trade, the arrival of the Khmer …. The second part is about beliefs and approach the Thai Buddhism, animism and festivals and celebrations in the country …
All color and music.

Therefore recommend for young and old, try to avoid the tourist traps of the waiting area. Do not arrive too early, you can even book tickets on their website rather than having to avoid unnecessary spending.


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