What is TEATA?

If I speak of TEATA today is for several reasons: first, I am working in tourism, and particularly concerned with sustainable tourism. Then it can be useful as travelers, if you are looking in that field, you will find agencies able to respond to your request. Here we go.

The TEATA (Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association) was initiated by the Thai Tourism Authority – TAT – which aim to develop sustainable tourism and think that association of professionals in this field would create an effective network to promote and develop it.

This association has established some criteria to select members:

  1.  Activities should minimize the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and people.
  2.  Activities should in any way benefit the culture and the environment (economic benefits, volunteering etc.)
  3.  Business management must be committed to support local communities, which must directly benefit economic benefits.
  4.  Activities must be organized in a way to educate tourists and increase awareness about the importance of preserving and promoting cultural differences and protecting the environment
  5. Tourism must be fair with management plans leading to social and economic balance in the long term.

TEATA members are invested and must participate in various analyzes to determine whether TEATA must take under his wing some destination to save, helping in sustainable development plans and giving financial support.

I took part in one of these trips, I call “Trip to the North-East” and it was one of the best experiences I have lived. Normally in November, I redo one with them.

For more information on Teata: www.teata.or.th
You will find on this site a list of agencies that will grow (site under construction) and the different activities that you can do in the context of sustainable tourism and adventure.



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