Bangkok – Mansion 7

To say goodbye to some friends, we choose to experiment Mansion 7, a kind of theme park in Bangkok.

Mansion 7

Entrance – Crédits photo : Jack Alias

Access to site is free and you will find a cocktail bar, a bier bar and pool. There is nothing more as there is works. Everything in a dark atmosphere, as in a horror movie.

And between bars, there is the haunted mansion. The story : an abandoned hotel. Yes, easy to get scared with that.
Before you enter, you will have to put your belongings in a locker and you will get a small reminder about your behavior (don’t hit actors…) and with a rope in your hand, you will enter the place with 3 of your friends…

We were 3, all with a lot of imagination, a beer in the stomach and, as we were all really expressive, we jumped a lot, laughed a lot and get a wonderful picture. I can’t give details about the inside for obvious reason, but I can just encourage you to go for the good memories you will get.

The place is located at mrt Huay Kwang, exit 1, and is open from 18h to 02h. However, the haunted mansion close at midnight. The horror walk last 20 minutes (except if you run inside) and cost 320 BHT. A price that seems high but totally worth it.
Concerning bars, we only tried the one with beers, quite expensive because imported. You will find belgium, german beers, amongts others…
Souvenirs shop is expensive, but you can have a look at your picture and choose if you cant one or not (300 BHT for one).


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